Best quotes on life | Best sayings on life

Here is another instalment of my original quotes.

1. You are trying hard to act like this is not real. Like this isn't really our life, like this will pass away or happen some other time. When you are dead though, you won’t really have a chance to realize that you had the opportunity.
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Best quotes on life
2. All you work is for him, and the fate of the nations and of humanity is in his hands.

3. Life is usually about the ways we choose. The shortest ones are usually the worst. The fairer ways are not much traveled.

4. There is a word that may burden us and there is a word that
brings us up. The burden word is up to us. The one that brings us up is called love.

5. Live every single day as if it were your birthday.

6. Not every one is given a "fair" shot at life. Some have disabilities, some have attitude problems and many others were never prepared for it. But that will never stop the human race from loving life. This day is special and you will never get another chance to live it again. Remember that.

7. Forgiveness is the best medicine to the wounded heart. You need to give it across to them if you are in control of this medicine. Forgiveness is a medicine that will not only heal their hearts but will also set you free. Such is the give and take in life.

8. The task at hand may not be the easiest but it is worth trying. You may see no way around it but it is still worth giving a shot.

9. Give a person who is hungry some food and you have made his day. Give a love starved person some love and you have made his life.

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