True quotes about life

No matter how much you try to fool yourself and others. Someday, somehow the reality of life will catch on to you.
~ Marjorie J (True quotes about life)
True quotes about life, quotations and sayings about life
True quotes about life
They who have it in plenty take it for granted, but those who do not have much fight for it, strive for it and are even ready to die for it. That is what makes freedom so precious.
~ Pete Nelson

When you are extremely wealthy and having a good time, your friends will know who you are. When you are poor and happiness has left you, you will know who your friends really are.
~ Martha Pan

The truth about life is that which they create for

Quotes about life changes

Some Quotes about life changes that will help you tide over the tough times.

Life is a season of changes, every day, every month you are changing. But the reigns of change are in your hands - in your mind. Keep feeding it with good things and you will be glad one day at all that comes out of it.
~ Lint Davis
Quotes about life changes, quotations and sayings about life changes
Quotes about life changes
I will strive for change and transformation. Yes my world is not perfect and yes it will take a lot of time and efforts. But if I do not start today, I will never have the same time frame at hand.
~ Jonathan Mavis

If you give up now all that you did

Cool quotes about life

Following are some cool quotes about life.

No stress no worries, I am not concerned about living in a hurry. All I want is sunshine and clothes so wacky, all I want is to have peace and stay happy.
~ Jose Morocco
Cool quotes about life, Cool Quotations and sayings
Cool quotes about life
Why take tensions about the tomorrows that you have never seen. We do not even know if we will live another day. The present is too precious to loose it for another day.
~ Ruben Morale

Cool quotes about life

I wonder how so many people get involved in scam and politics. Why hoard when all you need is peace, happiness and the little things in life?
~ Johnny Stephens

I have never been as happy as when I am

Quotes about life and happiness

We are happier when we give and live a life of integrity. A life full of kindness is worth more than a life of money and strife.
~ Mildred Fonda
Quotes about life and happiness
Quotes about life and happiness
Live life like you have no more days to count. Let today be the day that you do your best and love like you never have.
~ Jane Yates

Quotes about life and happiness

Have the best of music, the best of wine and the best of friends. If you are working hard and not making the most of it, what use is working so hard of?
~ Bridled Yakut

Give me a reason to be happy and I will focus on it for as long as I can. Give me a reason to find joy and I will keep my eyes fixed on it.
~ Thelma Oyster

Happiness is not elusive. People who say life is a bitch get exactly what they say. It is what we make of life is what matters more than anything else.
~ Wall Boyle

Its a beautiful world and happiness awaits the ones who are ready to change their focus and move to new thresh holds.
~ Stark Mansion

If you are following your dreams and making a count of every moment of your life, happiness is not too far from you.
~ Tishri Donna

Happiness is not far away for when you will have a bigger bank account or when you will meet that person of your dreams.
~ Giselle Monroe

I was delighted to see her and her smile just made me feel elevated. Happiness was a part of me once I knew that she was in love with me.
~ Tuscan cindered

Sadness never befalls those who have a clear goal to succeed and make it big.
~ Jowl Pinocchio

If you set your eyes on happiness long enough, she will come to you in some form or the other.
~ Tilsit Win

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Daily quotes about life

Every day I wish to make my life so much more better. I am striving hard, working hard and moving ahead each day to ensure that everything is happening.
~ Gerald Waldo
Daily quotes about life
Daily quotes about life
There are various ways and means to make life happier and better. But be careful that these means do not become your everything and take over your life.
~ Nicholas Freeman

Everyone needs a little love and hope to move ahead in life. There is nothing that you can do for a person that will compare to these in life.
~ Hans Jackson

Don't let the nay Sayers tell you that you are